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We start with innovative tools, advanced electronic infrastructure and financing packages. Then we add the support of our unrivaled sales and technical staff. Avnet ensures that your issues are given the highest priority, day or night. Plus, our close ties with IBM and industry-leading software vendors provide you with strategic insight and access to the latest technology solutions.

IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems for Big Data and Cloud

Business today keeps changing and seeking new ways to deliver values from IT. It placing new demand on business IT infrastructure to enable cloud, big data, analytics, mobile solution and social business.

IBM Power System is the platform with the first processor designed for big data. Its open architecture offers efficiency and superior cloud, and is continuously infused with innovation from its open server ecosystem.

From predictive analytics and data warehouses to unstructured big data processing and cognitive Watson solutions, Power servers are optimized for the compute intensive performance demands of database and analytics applications, and can flexibly scale to support the demands of rapidly growing data.

As organization seek to maximize their IT flexibility and drive efficiency by reducing systems management, Power Systems offer an ideal platform. With cloud management solutions that are built on open standards and OpenStack, a choice of leading operating systems, and virtualization that is built-in for security and efficiency, enterprise servers from IBM Power Systems are built to handle the rigor of managing complex, large-scale, mission-critical applications.


  • Built for your mission-critical business priorities
  • Bring insights to the point of impact faster through a data-centric design
  • Process big data in memory with up to 16 terabyte (TB) memory
  • Improve IT economics and efficiently deliver business services with scalable, open private and hybrid cloud
  • Minimize risk with secure, encrypted delivery of data and services on a proven, reliable platform
  • Manage fluctuating business demands with dynamic, private cloud capacity on demand
  • Simplify management of Linux applications using new, faster Power integrated facility for Linux (IFL)

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IBM z Systems

IBM z Systems for Delivering Gold Standard in Computing

IBM z Systems is a world class enterprise computing system designed to help address the IT conundrum to deliver the new IT services businesses require with a lower cost structure. z Systems helps businesses on a smarter planet realize opportunities for cloud, analytics and mobile.

IBM mainframes have a strong heritage in enterprise computing and the z Systems further extends industry leading capabilities to deliver today’s gold standard in computing: highest levels of operational efficiency and systems utilization that maximize ROI, deliver large scale consolidation with some of the lowest operational costs in the industry, highly secure, strong contributor to green computing with highly energy efficient design, enable informed decisions, improved control optimized use and redeployment of resources for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

With these capabilities, IBM z Systems can help you compete in the Cognitive era. Gain faster customer insights, business insights and systems insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of current data delivered on an analytics platform designed for availability, optimized for flexibility, and engineered with the highest levels of security.

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IBM Storage

IBM Storage Solution for Bigger Space and Better Decision

With explosion of data generated by Big data analytics, mobile and social applications, business needs to save and analyse the data either in cloud or in premise.

IBM Spectrum Storage™ allows you to deploy a storage infrastructure for cloud in the most fashion way. Get the insight and optimization of on-premise and cloud storage. Plus get automatic data placement and management across storage systems, media and cloud, while reducing costs by up to 90%.

IBM FlashSystem® can find you the valuable insights hiding in your data in fast way which can make the real difference. FlashSystem is the fastest-growing segment in enterprise storage. And 80% of IT decision makers are already using or considering it. Faster in finding the right data meansfaster and better decision making in order to stay ahead of the competition.

VersaStack combines the innovation of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with IBM storage solutions built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize to deliver extraordinary levels of performance and efficiency. It provides faster delivery of applications, greater reliability and confidence.

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IBM LinuxONE for Leveraging Open Standards Revolution

Linux has been widely utilized in today business world. It is the driving force of the open standards revolution that is moving to business critical applications.

IBM LinuxONE is providing the ultimate flexibility to create, build, customize, and deploy solutions to your business requirements on mobile, cloud and analytics.

IBM LinuxONE can host up to thousands of distributed servers on one physical server. Which means less complex Linux infrastructure with fewer components, less management efforts and less software costs.

IBM LinuxONE is the most secure commercial server available, built using innovative technology. Powerful encryption ensures that your data is strongly protected.


  • Open: Choose the tools and applications you like
  • Flexible: Meet demand with virtually limitless scale
  • Simple: Fewer servers, less complexity, lower cost
  • Efficient: Get unparalleled utilization and speed
  • Trusted: Embedded security and service that never stops

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IBM Software

IBM Software for Letting You Focus on Core Business

Our skilled resources and long experiences can help you for solving business matters. Wide range of IBM Software portfolio will enable you to concentrate on your core business issues, rather than focusing on basic IT issues.
Analytic: leverage predictive, behavioral and cognitive analytics to gain insight from aggregated external and internal sources of data.

Watson Analytics: A smart data discovery service available on the cloud, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation.

Security Intelligence & Analytics: intelligent approach to security helps you detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, perform forensic analysis, manage risks and automate compliance.

Customer Analytics: help you understand customers in context at varying touch points to engage them in more meaningful ways.

Collaborative Applications: provide traditional templates for business processes, as well as a platform to build custom applications for personal computers, web and mobile devices.

And many more. We can find you the right IBM software for you to achieve efficiency, productivity, deliver valuable insights, reach out to customers in innovative ways, and other business’ goals.

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